3 Holistic Hacks That Guarantee A Successful At Home Work Day

Every beauty boss knows that a few simple holistic habits at home can set you up for the day ahead.


Your attitude will effect your mindset and attitude whilst working from home. Your
mindset dictates your creativity and ultimately defines a successful day.

Here are our top 3 Holistic Hacks to set you up for success at home ????????

☕️ Curb the coffee!
Whilst we all know that coffee is a great motivator, it’s actually very addictive too, which is a stress trigger. Start weening yourself off the coffee and introduce tea into your home work environment instead. Tea will prepare for you your long days ahead.

????Something to add to your shopping list!
Did you know that most of us are Magnesium deficient? The main reason for this is… you guessed it… STRESS! On your next shop, add a box of Magnesium supplements into your trolley ???? It’s also a calming mineral, which will help you feel relaxed, during these uncertain times.

???? Get a new oil diffuser at home!
Energising scents in the home will do wonders for your productivity. You Holistic beauty bosses will already know that different essential oils can have an impact on you; need more energy and focus? Look for oils that are lemongrass, or grapefruit based. Wanting to be more ‘Netflix & Chill’? Then opt for lavender or cedar wood. Get both!

Sometimes the body and your surroundings just need a little assistance to set up your day ahead, and can make the world of difference when creating the ultimate work space at home, after all, you are the ultimate Beauty Boss! ????


Team Beauty Boss x

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