It’s no secret that both Facebook and Instagram LOVE to change their algorithm (and keep us on our toes!), but one thing never changes… video is always favoured! Video content typically receives 3x more engagement from viewers, and LIVE broadcasts receive SIX TIMES more attention than standard photo posts – that’s right, if you’re looking to boost engagement, LIVEs are the way forward!

Going LIVE will give you a fun and interactive way to engage with your clients, and allows new potential followers to meet ‘the person behind the page’. Despite the fact that as beauty bosses, we make people confident for a living, we are notoriously known for our own lack of confidence the it comes to talking about our career in front of the camera! Check out our tips below on how to become the ultimate LIVE boss.




People buy into people! Being your authentic self will make it so much easier for you to feel confident on camera – you don’t need to pretend to be anyone else! It’s absolutely fine to chat about your life and what you’ve been up to recently, but remember that you are there to serve their needs, and fix their problems! We recommend an 80/20 rule: 20% you, 80% them! Also try to look at the camera while you’re recording, instead of the image of you on the screen!




“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail…”, it’s the age old tale, but it still applies to LIVEs! Knowing exactly what you’re going to talk about will take the heat off you and stop you feeling so nervous. Bullet points are a great idea for keeping you on topic, but try to not read off the page too much… you don’t want to sound robotic! Instead, just imagine you are having a chat with your best friend.





  • Sit in front of natural lighting, you will look brighter and your clients will be able to see you more clearly!
  • Keep your background as clear as possible (a little product placement never hurt anyone though, if you’re trying to retail 😉)
  • Pop a filter on! We love ‘Subtle’ from Instagram!
  • Grab some equipment! We love this Mini Tripod and Ring light, this Phone Ring Light, and this Smartphone Holder!


Now that you’re armed with our top tips on how to do LIVE videos as a beauty pro, and grow your business page and client list, what’s stopping you?!

Did you catch Layla’s full training for The Person Behind The Page? You can catch it over in The Beauty Boss Community!

Until next time, keep bossing it!


Team Beauty Boss x

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