7 Tips For Getting Camera Ready for Insta Stories 🧖‍♀️

Following on from last week’s ‘Sell Like a Boss’, where I talked at length about the importance of showing up on Instagram stories, as it can often result in a sale, I thought I would share with you my sneaky tips on how to feel fabulous delivering stories to your clients! 👯‍♀️

ENVIRONMENT: So the very first thing I look at is my environment. I want to make sure I have enough light so I have all the lights on, or I sit myself down somewhere where there is plenty of light coming in. Your ‘behind’ shouldn’t be too busy or too cluttered. If there is too much going on behind you, then it will distract your audience – they will be too busy having little nose in your living room etc, and not really focusing on your message, offer, product launch etc.

HAIR: Your hair is a big part of your physical profile, and so it needs to look right in front of the camera. I’m not saying that you need to spend an hour styling your hair, but you certainly don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed! I personally like to wear my hair down.

LIPS: An absolute must before any instagram stories… GRAB YOUR LIP BALM! Or if lip gloss is your thing, pick up your favourite; you just want to make sure that your lips are moisturised, it will give you confidence when you are speaking to the camera, and it also just adds to that polished look, without you looking like you tried too hard.

EQUIPMENT: So I really like a tripod, but this is totally optional, you can also purchase attachments specifically designed to hold your phone. Most of them can hold your phone horizontal or portrait. The other option is you can sit it on your desk and just be hands free; this is great if you are a hand talker like me!

ANGLES: Think about how you are positioning yourself on camera, the default position is most people will bring the camera eye level. Hopefully you’re not bringing it down as that’s not a flattering angle! Most people I’ve watched on an instagram stories do eye level, BUT! us beauty girls know how to find the most flattering angle; you actually need to go slightly higher than eye level, as it thins your face out!

HANDS FREE Try to not leave your video on normal. In an attempt to not have to think about too many things at once, try using the hands-free option. Hands-Free means you only tap the button once, and then you can just freely talk into the camera.

FILTER: I think for your every day video for your clients, you want to stick to something subtle. If you scroll along the bottom, you will see there is a filter called SUBTLE. This filter will add so much light to your face, and it gets rid of any blemishes or dark patches under your eyes. Honestly, if you try this particular filter out, coupled with your flattering angle – you will feel camera confident – Give it a go!

I hope that helps any of you that aren’t quite feeling confident enough to do a talking story yet! Give it a go, you have nothing to lose… and a lot to gain!

Until next time, keep bossing it!

Layla x

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