Beauty Boss Does Secret Sister! 🤶

As a beauty boss, we know sometimes our work can be very tiring, especially over the Christmas period.

We are often so consumed in making sure that our clients are walking out of our salons feeling extra special at this time of year, adding a little something to their confidence, and making sure they spend Christmas and New Year in style, that we often forget about ourselves. 

Here at Beauty Boss HQ, we wanted to think about how we can make YOU, feel extra special, especially this year, which lets face it; has been nothing but one uncertainty, after another.


Founder of Beauty Boss Layla Tourh, says ” I wanted to do something for our community that we have not seen anyone else do in our beauty industry,  so I basically took it upon myself to be ‘Mother Claus’ (LOL!) and organise a ‘Secret Sister’ event,  in our free Facebook group; The Beauty Boss Community”.

Over 30 of our group members participated, bought and sent a gifts to one-other, and over the Christmas period, lots of stories popped up on the Beauty Boss Instagram, revealing the gifts they had each received. It was wonderful to watch!


The Secret sister initiative was a success, and one we will certainly continue to do every year.

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and a very Happy New Year, here’s to making next year a GREAT one! 🥂🍾

See you in 2021!

Team Beauty Boss x




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