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1 in 4 women will experience abuse from a partner or ex-partner at some time in their life and 2 are killed each week. They may be our clients.

Seeing the signs, offering a kind word to your clients and providing information on how to access professional support may change or save someone’s life.

Beauty Boss Parters With Behind The Mask

We now offer hair and beauty professionals’ like you, free access to online learning and resources. This may help you to spot the signs that someone is experiencing domestic abuse and guide on how to respond in the best way. It’s not about intervening or interfering, but knowing how you can truly help a client who may really need it.

Founder of Beauty Boss, Layla Tourh says ”I couldn’t think of any reason to NOT take this course. With a little encouragement from you, their therapist or nail nail technican, what better way to protect your vulnerable clients then to gently steer them in the right direction to the professionals that deal with this issue day in and day out. Julie from Behind The Mask, has worked so very hard in creating this ‘place’ for all Beauty Bosses to get clued up on this awful subject that sadly includes A LOT of ladies visiting our beauty salons and clinics”

Did you miss our LIVE in our Facebook Group? Founder of Behind The Mask, Julie, joined Layla, and they discussed this awful subject in further detail.

If you would like to take our FREE online course, simply click HERE

Until next time, keep safe!

Team Beauty Boss x

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