Black Lives Matter

In light of recent events, we want voices to be heard, and to help those voices be heard.

As a brand focussed on helping and empowering women in the beauty industry, everyone here at Beauty Boss wants to let you know that all of our usually scheduled activities across all online platforms will be rescheduled and therefore pushed forward by 24 hours.

Beauty Boss HQ and all of our collective brands stand for diversity and want to help, and do what we can to make an impact and encourage positive change. We are committed to doing better and being better as a company, not only today, but every day moving forward.

We want to use our platform to speak up and speak out, so we will be discussing the best ways to continue supporting women of colour and how to raise awareness on diversity and anti-racism.

We commit to being intentional in our actions, partnering with companies that are also taking these supportive steps and taking action to create positive change.

We will keep our colleagues accountable and ensure we ask about their diversity programs, making sure there is equality on panels when it comes to hosting live and online events, as well as other activities.

Here is a statement from Managing Director Layla Tourh, “Beauty Boss, and all of my collective brands stand for diversity and want to help impact a positive change. We are committed to being better as a company, as black lives matter, and we stand with you.”

We make the promise to ensure our brand reflects full diversity.


Team Beauty Boss 🖤

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