Brand New Beauty Boss Community 👯‍♀️

Have you been keeping up with our Beauty Boss challenges? Our latest one was the ‘Mindset Mastermind’ challenge, where ultimate Beauty Boss Layla Tourh went LIVE everyday for a week, in our TCBG closed Facebook group, covering different topics on how to program your mindset for success! Because this challenge was SO successful, we decided to launch a BRAND new closed Facebook group called ‘The Beauty Boss Community’! The Beauty Boss Community will be where we do all future challenges, including our BRAND NEW ‘Sell Like a Beauty Boss’ challenge. In this challenge, Layla will be going LIVE giving all of her tips and tricks on how to sell your skill set! After 20 years in the industry, she knows what she’s talking about!



As part of the Beauty Boss and TCBG community, you might find that you are already in our TCBG Support Forum… don’t worry! That’s not going anywhere. Our The Creative Beauty Group Support Forum is (and still will be) home to everything to do with the practical side of being a beauty practitioner, like if you need help with your technique or finding a supplier, you would be able to find it here!

But our new Beauty Boss Community will be home to everything to do with the business side of being a Beauty Boss. You will be able to find help here about things like promotion, salon staff management and social media. The Beauty Boss Community will be filled with like-minded, successful beauty business owners who want to excel their beauty business.

Come over and join us on our new Beauty Boss Community here: 💕👯‍♀️


We can’t wait to see you there!

Until the next time, keep bossing it!

Team Beauty Boss x

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