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It’s no secret that the last few months have been TOUGH. They have been tough for everyone, but the beauty industry has really suffered! I’m sure there are plenty of us who are feeling incredibly deflated and maybe even feel like throwing the towel in! Sound familiar? BUT, you don’t need to! Yes, there are may of us who aren’t able to go back to our salons, and those of us that can, are running a limited treatment menu, but there are still plenty of things you CAN do to benefit your beauty business, without physically being there.


If you’ve seen our workshops before (you can catch them all in the BBC), you will know that we start all of our training talking about MINDSET! At the end of the day, who is looking out for your beauty business? YOU. So, if you adopt a negative mindset towards it, there will be no-one picking up the pieces! It is okay to have a little moan about the current situation (let’s be honest, we all have!), but completely giving up? Not on our watch! If you want to see your beauty business through the rest of this year, being positive is the only way how!


Now is the time to start planning aggressively. Hope will only get you so far! As Layla mentioned in the LIVE (you can catch it here), a great way to start planning is to look back over the last four months of last year, see what clients and treatments were most popular and use that to inform your planning. If you can see that you had specific clients that came back time and time again through these months, or treatments that were particularly popular, plan accordingly! Use your Instagram and Facebook to market these treatments, or engage with these clients in any way you can!

As we talked about it Sell Like a Boss, there are SO many opportunities for additional profit from retailing products! It might feel like you aren’t a sales woman… but you are! And if you aren’t trying to retail products to every client you have, you’re doing yourself a disservice! This applies to clients that you CAN see at the moment (nails, waxing etc) and ones that you can’t (close contact services!). The beauty of social media is that your clients are sat on their phones (probably now more than ever), just waiting for you to sell to them! It doesn’t matter that they can’t physically come into the salon… you can come to them through Instagram and Facebook. When you start to realise how much more money you can make through retailing these products, we can promise you, you won’t be able to stop!



We’ve seen this word thrown around the industry a lot over the last couple of months, and rightly so! Along with planning, it is so important to look at your beauty business and see how you can adapt and change it, in order to be as profitable as you possibly can! A great example of this, is packages. They’ve been around for years, but they tend to be very specific to an event or specific occasion, such as bridal, holiday or mum-to-be… why? In a time when weddings aren’t going ahead, people aren’t going on holiday and mums-to-be can’t really leave their house, why limit your package offerings like this? A better approach to this would be to adapt your offerings so that you can create higher value clients. If you have a client that always comes in for a £20 manicure, why not offer this treatment within a package and double the profit you are making from them. Who doesn’t love an offer?! If you don’t start to pivot now, you might find yourself having to make difficult decisions in a few months, such as letting go of staff, or even closing your beauty business altogether! And no-one wants that!


Did you catch our P-Game training? Layla went LIVE for almost two hours, really going in depth about how to plan, pivot and remain positive for your beauty business! You can still catch it here.


Have you joined the BBC (Beauty Boss community) yet? It’s full of other Beauty Bosses ready to support you!


Until next time, keep bossing it!


Team Beauty Boss x

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