Clubhouse – The ‘invite only ‘app that everybody is talking about!

Clubhouse is the new audio app that gives all of its users ‘a voice’, but there’s just one teeny weeny problem, to get in to ‘the club’ you have to get an invite!

Lets set the scene, it’s a VIP night, at your local nightclub, and you want to go, but there’s one problem, you’re not on the VIP list; that’s exactly how it feels if you’re not in Clubhouse!

To get in to ‘the club’ you have to be invited by somebody who is already in there (who remembers those nights when your friend who was in VIP would have a word with the bouncer and then all of a sudden you were let in) this is exactly the same as that feeling, and when you DO get in…. WHOAH! So many rooms to choose from, all having different conversations.

Unlike Facebook, and Instagram, Clubhouse is about connecting people via audio, only. So, once you’re inside, you can eavesdrop on conversations, or join in with a conversation that is already happening. Its a little bit like dropping into a live recording of a podcast, where you can actually raise your hand and ask a question, and contribute to the conversation.


Right now, not many people. The app is only open to a beta group, meaning they’re keeping things small to test the features and safety.


If you want an invite, you can click HERE, where we have started a key chain for BEAUTY BOSSES ONLY, in an attempt to build a community in there of fellow beauty professionals all wanting to learn from one another.

If you are already on Clubhouse, and you want to join a club full of a community of beauty bosses, all striving for a better life using the money they can generate from their beauty business, then you HAVE to join my club, yes, they gave me my own club! You can join ‘The Beauty Boss Club’ HERE

In the words of Fifty Scent, ‘You can find me in Da Club!’ but instead of a bottle full of bud, I’ll be most likely having a vanilla latte in my hand!

Until then,

Keep bossing it!

Layla x

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