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Starting and growing your own business isn’t easy, it’s actually pretty difficult. We get that!

But we know you, you’re a Beauty Boss! You’re playing so many different roles, sometimes you’ve just got no idea what you’re doing, and then you’re wasting time trying to do everything on your own, maybe getting things wrong along the way, or even worse – you’re paying someone over the odds to do it for you!

That’s why we're here!

The Beauty Boss HQ website is full of incredible resources and ideas that can help you change your life (not kidding!). Here’s a quick lay of the land so you can find what you’re looking for and we can start something beautiful together.

Meet The Team

Layla Tourh


Becoming a Beauty Boss is one of the most rewarding choices a woman can make! I want to show you how to work smarter, not harder. I understand that to build a successful beauty business it takes money and time and as an ex-salon owner myself I know just how time-poor you are! In my eyes, you are already a beauty boss and so I am excited to start this journey with you and make you reach heights that you've only dreamt of!

Sharif Tourh

Website Developer

I am a website developer by profession, but I actually own a beauty salon too! I don't do any of the client stuff, I leave that to my team, but I handle all the back end online requirements of our website, which I update all the time to keep up with the industry needs. I am looking forward to doing that for your website too!

Charlene Trinsi

Brand Strategist

I am the Brand Strategist for Beauty Boss. My background is in fashion, graphic design, social media & marketing. Branding is a passion of mine and it helps ambitious entrepreneurs to create strategies to elevate their business and show up like a rockstar online! I'm super excited to use my skill set to help the beauty boss vision come to life.

Hollie Bryant

Digital Marketing Assistant

I am the Digital Marketing Assistant for Beauty Boss! I am a Southampton Solent graduate with a degree in Beauty Promotion and I joined Layla and the team in February. I am a qualified Tan Tech and love all things beauty. I love being able to help beauty bosses to make their businesses as successful as possible!

Taiesha Turner

Website Co-Ordinator 

I am the Website Co-ordinator for Beauty Boss! My background is in Graphic Design, graduating from Suffolk University last October. My experience is mainly in branding and social media management creating brand identities, social graphics, creating social strategy and copywriting. I love being able to support beauty bosses and help them create the beauty business of dreams!

Want to know more about us?

We are a professional collective of beauty salon owners, bloggers, marketers, social media gurus, SEO technicians, copywriters, you name it, we can do it! There's no quick solution to get all of the knowledge you need to run a beauty business but together we have too many years worth of business knowledge to even count.

We hate to see our fellow Beauty Bosses struggling to do (and do it well!) all the marketing that your business requires. The good news is, you CAN do it (with the help of Beauty Boss HQ) without paying over the odds. We believe in you!

As well as having the in-house team we've also paired exclusively with The Creative Beauty Group to deliver as much knowledge as possible about the beauty industry.

They're your one-stop-shop for your training and supply needs, and we're your one-stop-shop for your marketing and business development, so it felt only right to team up with them as one amazing collective.

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    Join our growing community

    “Empowered women empower women”

    There is nothing stronger than a group of like-minded people all working towards the same goal and I genuinely believe this. I love a bit of friendly competition as much as the next person but I wanted to create a safe place for people within the aesthetics industry to share ideas, get the answers to the questions they’ve never been able to, and share success stories to inspire others.

    With that in mind, we’ve created a private Facebook group exclusively for beauty-preneurs which is going to be packed full articles, chats and webinars to help keep you moving on those long nights when you just want a large glass of wine and a hot bath!

    To join the group just like our Facebook page here and then request to join the group by clicking this link.

    Read the article that started it all!

    Can I just start this post by saying; that becoming a BEAUTY BOSS is one of the most rewarding choices a woman can make?! For the many of you in this group that know me and my story, will know that I started my career, as a salon owner, and worked my ASS off, just like many of you are doing right now! Would I open a salon again, yeah sure, (if I could be cloned!) but if I were to, I would do some things differently, or at least wish I’d known some vital things before I signed on the dotted line of my salon… Introducing 'Beauty Boss'!

    You only need to open Instagram these days to read the sea of positive quotes, which are great, but after a while, they all merge into one (apologies in advance as we do it too!). What I think you guys REALLY need to know is, some TRUTHS about what you should know before becoming a true BEAUTY BOSS! There is NO clocking off! I remember this feeling well, when I worked in my salon all the hours god sent, and that was BEFORE social media was born! I shudder at the thought of what time I would actually go to bed now if I still had my salon, I bet lots of you reading this are nodding your head right now! Working in bed, in the bath, from the airport when waiting to take your family holiday, in the cinema, in the car, in the school playground if you (very rarely) get to the school gates early! I could sit and type this out all night, as I am so passionate about the beauty industry, it’s all I know, but what I also know is how I can help you guys run your business, SMARTER than I did, and free you from all the ‘must get that done’ jobs, and leave you to do what you do best...

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