With Black Friday around the corner, and your beauty business closed, can you afford to NOT sell your retail on the biggest retailing day of the year?

This year, due to the world pandemic and being put back into a second lockdown, retail’s biggest day of the year will be online. Since our first lockdown, more businesses than ever have gone digital, and with extremely limited in-person options, our clients will turn to online retailers — will your beauty business and its offerings be there to meet them?

Black Friday is right around the corner — have you started planning? You can use your VSW (that’s virtual salon window!) to promote your retail products. We are back with THE BEST Black Friday sales training for salon-owners and beauty professionals: Sell Like a Boss: 2.0!

Sell Like a Boss 2.0: Black Friday Edition

Did you know that in 2019, Black Friday sales broke. all. records. 📈 (And will likely continue to do so this year. Q4 is typically the biggest of the year for businesses.) Now let’s address the elephant in the room: 2020 has been weird. Its been ALL the feels, intense, exhausting, and quite frankly, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions!

So while no one reeeeeally knows what will happen during Black Friday 2020, it’s still coming. (On November 27th, to be exact. 🗓) We can be sure of one thing, people still love to shop.

▶ Maybe you’ve run a Black Friday promotion in your beauty business before and it was a crash and burn kinda event?

▶ Maybe you’ve seen others beauty businesses make crazy sales with their BF promotions and you want to do the same?

▶ Maybe you find the idea of running a big sale to be super exhausting right now?

To date, I’ve run Black Friday promotions in my business for years, and I’ll be honest, there have been years where I’ve just wanted to hide from the noise of Black Friday. The stress. The busy inboxes. The imposter syndrome that tends to creep up… (“what if no one buys or cares?”)…

But looking back, each year without fail, November has been one of our highest revenue months of the year. Because the truth is this: whether you participate in Black Friday or not, CLIENTS ARE STILL BUYING.

Clients are literally looking to spend money over this specific weekend.

As a beauty business, when else in the year are you given this very direct cry from your customers of, “Sell us your things!” I can’t think of any other time. Black Friday can be intense, yes, but worth it? HELL YES!

So with that said, with 11 days away from Black Friday, I’m going to deliver a Sell Like A Boss 2.0 – Black Friday Edition! In my books, 11 days is still enough time to put together a Black Friday promotion that could make November the best month of the year for your beauty business.



Join Beauty Boss founder Layla Tourh over on The Beauty Boss Community (that’s our closed Facebook group!) at 10am on Monday 23rd November! Join the group here.


Until next time, keep bossing it!


Team Beauty Boss x

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