How To Establish Your Online Presence

You could have the best looking Instagram feed in the game, but without establishing a solid online presence who’s going to see it?

People are using social media more now than ever, so do you know how best to engage with them? As a Beauty Boss, finding innovative and exciting ways to attract your ideal clients whilst looking good and doing it well is essential to keeping ahead of the game and getting your name in front of potential clients. Do this right and watch the appointment book fill up and the money roll in. By establishing your online presence and marketing yourself effectively, you’ll be closer to creating the life you deserve. 

We’re living in a digital world and I am a digital girl! You’ve got to be present to connect with potential clients and embrace the digital society we are all part of these days. To create your presence and make an impact you need to be consistent. But how is that possible whilst having to show up as a beauty boss? It’s all about forward-thinking and planning your way to success through consistency.  



As the old saying goes, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”, and that holds weight online too. The key to building and strengthening your online presence is planning; you need to know what you’re saying, who you’re saying it to and when to say it.

Carve out some time every week or so to sit down and plan for the week ahead; which days you’re going to post and what. To figure out the ‘what’, consider the different types of content you’d like to post that will appeal to your ideal audience, for example, before and afters, behind the scenes of your beauty business, your brand story and client testimonials. Split these over the week and prepare your content in advance so you’re not left scrambling to think of something on the day. Utilising a content management system (CMS) will help you organise your content calendar each week/month; we love using Trello at BBHQ for its easy-to-use and time-saving interface and features. 

You may think that you have to manually post social content from your phone all day every day, but that’s not the case! There are free scheduling platforms such as Later which enable you to upload your media and captions in advance across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, saving you time during your busy work week. 



Beauty Bosses the world over are all about aesthetics so extend this into your socials! Creating visual consistency will communicate professionalism and polish, and takes the hard work and time out of trying to decide how each post should look. Start off with the basics by deciding on your colour palette then use this for any stylistic elements on your posts and typography. Keep it simple and choose 3 complementary colours to use across your content.

As well as the visuals, be consistent in posting your content and showing up! For Instagram, first ensure you have a Business account, then take advantage of the Insights feature to see which days and times are when you receive the most engagement with your content and post then. If you’re a bit of a numbers nerd then you’ll love this handy feature; it’s great for letting you know which types of posts have been more or less successful, allows you to evolve and adapt your content strategy for the most success, and keep track of your follower count. 

The aim with IG Stories is to keep showing up at the forefront on the list of your audience’s accounts, achieve this with showing up daily and creating content that really appeals to them. Make it fun! Create polls, quizzes, questions and sliders to keep them engaged with your content. Remember that people connect with people; let them put a face to a name and create that emotional connection with them; share your story, your day-to-day and let them become invested in your beauty business journey. Go that step further and create IG Highlights with the best of your Stories!

Instagram has a ton of amazing features to take advantage of to keep your presence fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends such as IG Reels. Check out our past blog entries for more about Reels and how to utilise this feature in your content strategy. 



Gone are the days of needing a design degree to create stunning social content. There are many different ways and apps at your fingertips to create your content, but we definitely recommend using Canva to level up your offerings. Include your social username or logo as a watermark to protect your images and redirect people to your page and to ensure that anyone scrolling through the app will know who is posting what. Canva gives you access to so many fonts, so taking the time to find two that work for you and your image is essential in adding to those foundations of visual consistency. Pair these with the aforementioned brand colours and you’re well on your way to creating beautiful and visually consistent content! The beauty of Canva is it’s FREE and so easy to use, PLUS it comes with pre-set dimensions for each social platform’s posts so you don’t have to worry about anything getting cut off! 



Not often considered is optimising your bio to reach the maximum number of people possible. By replacing your ‘name’ in your bio with what you do in your beauty business instead of the name of yourself or your business, you’ll increase your chances of being discovered by potential clients as they search for beauty service providers. The next step is to create a statement in your ‘bio’ section that says what you do and why, and finally, finish with a strong call to action to instruct the viewer to contact you.

To optimise your posts themselves, you’ll need to find the right hashtags so your content is easily discoverable. This will take a little bit of research to find which hashtags your audience would use to find you, and which hashtags they’re most likely to use so you can find them! 


Add a location to your IG posts to become more discoverable to others in your area! 



We understand that not everyone has the time to put into their social media, and it’s important to recognise when you may just need a helping hand. Outsourcing this work to a Social Media Manager is *perfect* for managing your time around your strengths, whilst still attracting your ideal clients and getting the appointment book filled up. Create space and time to show up on your Stories and communicate that authentic you, without the worry of maintaining the rest of your content calendar. 


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Team Beauty Boss x

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