How To Tell Clients You’re Increasing Your Prices

As we touched on in our ‘Pricing for Profit’ training, money is often just an awkward topic to talk about. It can be easy to fall into the trap of treating clients like they’re your friends, and forgetting that you are running a business. But, you ARE running a business, and if these clients are as supportive as they claim to be, they will understand your small price increase.


Offer your clients reassurance

Assure your clients that this price increase is to be able to continue offering that same high quality treatments that they expect and deserve from you. Chances are, things have changed a LOT since you wrote your price list! Maybe you started your business a few years ago and because of inflation, you’re now paying out a lot more for supplies than you were before! Or perhaps, you opened your salon at the beginning of the year but since then, hygiene supplies costs have increased and you are now required to wear PPE! Whatever the reasons are, make sure that your clients understand that you are increasing your costs in order to be able to continue giving them the service they know, love and deserve.

Announce directly to them

As with most things in life, communication is key! Keeping your clients in the loop about your price increase is the easiest way to avoid any disappointment. If you use an email service, the best way to let them know is to send out a blanket email to all clients, letting them know that you are amending your prices. If not, a Facebook or Instagram post will be fine, and then you can reiterate it to them when they book in. Letting them know in advance is also pretty crucial. Unless you have a reason to be re-opening, such as renovation or of course, lockdown easing, our advice would be to do it from the beginning of a month. This way, you will be able to say “from 1st August, we will be adjusting our pricing”, giving them plenty of notice and keeping the lines of communication open.

Top tips!

✨ Make sure that your physical price list in store matches the one on your website, and that both of these reflect your new pricing… this is just to avoid confusion!

✨ Invite clients to chat to you about it if they wish! But stand your ground. If they do message you about it, reiterate the reasons that you’re increasing your pricing and thank them for their support. If they don’t support your price increase, let them go!

✨ Let them know the reason for the price increase… to an extent! Hey, you’re running a business, and you don’t need to go into the ins and outs of WHY a service is priced a certain way. But, it might help clients understand a little better if you give them a reason. This could be as simple as ‘the cost of supplies has increased since my initial price list’ (which it likely has!)

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