It’s Time to Switch Up Your ‘New Year, New Me’ Approach

It’s that time of year when those in the beauty business industry look towards the new year and have to consider how they’re going to reach the next level of their full potential. With a long 365 days ahead, and 52 weeks of appointments to fill, plus following the chaos of 2020, we might just need a new approach this time. 


We’re all guilty of it, right? Every year we consciously or subconsciously play into this ‘new year, new me’ resolution-setting mode, where we want to hit the new year with fresh aspirations and resolutions, to upskill and make this year bigger and better than the last…but this year should and must be different. Now is the time to reeducate yourself, sure, but what about this new year process needs to change this time? 

Beauty courses, of course, have a major boom in January as it’s the usual time of year that you’re encouraged to start expanding on your skills, gain CPD points or branch out into another beauty skill or service. If you have a foundation nail course, the next level may be a polygel course with The Creative Beauty Group, if you’re trained in lip fillers, a no-needle alternative like Lipnv may be your next best bet! As amazing as that course is, is another service what you really need right this second? Because what you’re doing is making yourself a jack of all trades, but not mastering the marketing of them! Investing in a business or marketing course is bizarrely not quite on the same pedestal as a skills-based course, and we want to make a change to that. It’s clear that the benefits and rewards of business and marketing courses just aren’t as clearly advertised and communicated as they absolutely should be. 


Now please don’t get us wrong, we 100% endorse anyone educating themselves and pushing themselves to improve their business potential and generate more income through services, but what is it to have new skills with no idea how to market them? How do you get your name out there, communicate your services and story and attract new faces without this knowledge? You could have a salon full of insanely talented nail techs but no clients and a half-empty appointment book. So that’s where we come in. Beauty Boss HQ is home to the business side of beauty, filling the gaps of what you were neglected to be taught at beauty school. This year, we wholeheartedly believe that learning a new skill just isn’t quite enough when we now know that the world could completely turn upside down at a moment’s notice. Our goal here at BBHQ is to have you thriving in 2021 and beyond, not just surviving, and for this we have to work smarter not harder. You deserve a life of luxury beauty Boss, so let’s get it. To see progress and development, we need to be working on our businesses, not just in them! We need to put as much importance into the business itself as we do on our technical skills.

As we get ourselves acquainted with 2021, we think that you should reflect on your business pain points and start to create an impactful gameplan for change. The world is now so dependent on technology and social media to function, to keep businesses running from home, our children educated, to keep in touch with our loved ones. But are you using this to your advantage in your business? Are you using your platforms to sell yourself online?



Go ahead and do a quick Google of ‘business courses’, and you’ll find yourself not only overwhelmed with choice, but you would probably find that none were quite targeted to the needs of the beauty industry, to your needs, or delivered by some who even knows what a full set is. Beauty Boss HQ is led by revolutionary industry expert, Layla Tourh. She’s been where you are now; she owned a salon, became a distributor and education provider and has a real and genuine passion for helping women in the industry thrive. Her success has seen her able to live in Marbella and she wants to facilitate change in others so they can achieve the same freedoms and opportunities she has been able to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to share the wealth? The beauty of Beauty Boss is our mission to uplift powerful women in the industry, help them to see their full potential, and achieve it!

As well as encouraging and helping you to reach your full potential, we are too, we practice what we preach, and the result of that is the relaunch of the Beauty Boss Academy. This is your one-stop-shop for the business side of beauty! We offer our own tailored marketing and business courses, created for you, with you in mind. Although this first intake is now complete, the doors will reopen in no time and our students gain access to our Success Kits  – these are actionable, attainable and achievable mini-courses delivered straight to you monthly, available only through the Academy. We break things down into digestible modules that deliver exactly what you need to know to succeed efficiently. As well as this students have access to The Vault, full of resources to make your social media and marketing that whole lot easier, PLUS exclusive workshops and training, and support calls with Layla herself! We know that owning a beauty business means you don’t often get time to sit at a computer and study, but the amazing thing about the Beauty Boss Academy is that we have an app! So you can grab our content on the go; on your commute to work, on your lunch break, in the queue at the shop or as part of your evening wind down in bed. 

Beauty Boss HQ makes business education fun and positive. We host a community of incredibly strong women with a vision and drive for more in life. Not everyone gets it or will be as supportive as you’d hope, so it’s so important to surround yourself with other women in your industry who have the same goals and aspirations as yourself. You can join us for free in the Beauty Boss Community on Facebook, or go that step further and connect on Instagram and collab on content! Some of you just need a little push, we challenge you for more, we know you’re 100% capable of reaching your goals and beyond and we can get you there.


We’ve done our research and realised that the biggest pain point for many businesses in the industry is their lack of presence in the social space, or even having an online space at all. You’re taught how to make money but not how to make money, really. So let’s switch things up a little. There’s so much importance put on expanding your service list and getting the latest in beauty tech, and that’s great at the right time, but we’ve found that the business side of it all is left out in the cold and neglected

As a salon owner or qualified practitioner, you’ve got the skills, services and treatments down, but you need a bit of guidance in attracting more clients through your salon doors and increasing client expenditure. The ultimate aim should be to drive profit margins in the absolute most efficient way possible, so that means using what you have in the best way possible that will cost as little as possible. Lucky for you, working on your social presence doesn’t have to mean paying out for ads, so the only investment is time – when you’re first starting out at least. Social media is the best tool in your arsenal to fill up the appointment book, and it’s all about honing your process and creating a smooth user experience. 

Picture this, you’re looking for a beauty salon in your area and come across 10 on Instagram…ask yourself if you’d go with the salon with a business profile that has a clean and beautiful aesthetic, all the information you would need about their services, staff and opening hours…or the one with no content, a pretty low-quality profile picture and no info on what you do, offer or stand for? First impressions are everything – especially in the digital space – so put always be prepared to put your best foot forward. If you want to be seen as high-quality, then show you’re high-quality.

At Beauty Boss HQ, we’re constantly hammering in the importance of your Virtual Salon Window -– this is your online business facade and it needs to really pack a punch if you want to stand out in an already saturated industry! Take advantage of the tools Instagram offers such as IGTV, IGLive, Stories, Reels Highlights, your bio, and your feed itself. By showing up as much as possible in your IG Stories, with a click they can become educational Highlights without any extra work, your profile will look incredible and your presence, as well as your community, will grow. Create individual Highlights for your services, before and afters of treatments, client testimonials, opening hours, and behind the scenes of your business. The key here is to make the decision for your potential and returning clients, show them how incredible your art is, how talented your staff are, how much they care and how much you care about your business; find what makes you completely different from Becky down the street and make it a heck yeah when it comes to choosing whose business they’re going to invest tier time and money in. By taking the time to beautifully curate your profile into a Virtual Salon Window with carefully thought out content, succinct and consistent design elements, and all of the possible questions answered, you will put yourself miles ahead of the competition. Check out November’s article for a more in-depth dive into establishing your online presence.

Just for now, let’s put upskilling services on the shelf temporarily and focus on the root of it all, our business. Are you ready to make those money moves and generate more revenue via social media and beyond? Invest in yourself and the future of your business by joining the Beauty Boss Academy – keep your eyes peeled for the next student intake! Become part of a community of other passionate and driven women that won’t be settling for mediocre and want to thrive in 2021; it’s time for greatness, Beauty Boss. 


So what’s the plan and how do you get started? Catch up ASAP on Layla’s ‘New Year New Mindset’ free training in the Beauty Boss Community on Facebook for guidance on the small changes in your mindset you need that will lead to huge changes in your life, how to manifest and achieve your goals (and ultimately make more money) in 2021, and how to adapt your mindset for every eventuality. And whilst you’re at it, catch up on The Person Behind The Brand and Lockdown With Layla! This is just the first step in your journey to success in 2021, invest your time in yourself and your business and the rest will follow. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @beautyboss_hq for your daily dose of beauty biz inspiration and guidance.


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