Meet Our Body Boss, Sofie!

As we begin our journey together, and start our ‘Take Action In April’ Challenge I think it is important to start with the mind. After all, if our mind is cluttered with 101 things, then how on earth are we supposed to get our goals lined up, and ACHIVE them all?!

We are without a shadow of a doubt, all going through a journey together that bring us extra challenges, wether it be finances, or other anxious energies.

I think its time to SHAKE IT OFF!, seeing as we have no control over what is going on in the world today, but we CAN start with a clear mind as we enter what I promise to be a fun and rewarding month with Beauty Boss HQ, and our boss Layla Tourh.

Join us in The Creative Beauty Support Forum Group, TOMORROW at 10:30 am with local BODY BOSS Sofie Rosengren.

Sofie is known across the Costa Del Sol for her vibrant energy as she delivers her yoga and pilates to a large online community, now I’d like to bring Sofie into OUR community.

Don’t be late!

The BB Team x

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