Time Rich is The New Rich

Everyone knows the saying, “time is money”, but here at BBHQ, we actually think time is far more valuable than money. After all, you can always earn more money! But you can’t go back in time, can you?! We have been programmed to think that we should be working for 50+ years, just to save for retirement, but wouldn’t it be better to use your time more effectively, and be able to enjoy both your time and money right now? We only have one life, so why not make the most of it?

Every beauty boss began their business to make more money and have more freedom, whether it be location, financial or another kind of freedom, which is why it is so important to implement strategies that are going to help take more time off, or go on a second holiday, or buy that Prada bag… whatever it is that you want! ‘Time Rich is The New Rich’ is all about focusing your energy on working SMARTER, not harder! The goal is to create a business that will continue running and making you money, even when you aren’t there.


Blocking time out in your day for RGAs, is what is going to completely transform your beauty business! Let’s say, instead of a leg wax, you block that hour out and commit to spending that time scheduling Instagram posts. In that hour, you could have scheduled an entire months worth of content! And by showing up regularly to your followers, you are MUCH more likely to bring in more clients… and therefore make so much more money! And all you had to give up was a leg wax, no brainer! In the same way, you could use that hour to create Reels for Instagram, which is going to boost your reach… as we all know Instagram favours those who take advantage of ALL of their features! If you haven’t heard of Reels yet, we explain it all in this blog post.


Equally, investing time into automated responses on Instagram & Facebook, is going to take the pressure off of you having to be on your phone constantly and your clients will have their expectations managed properly! Another RGA worth putting time into is email automations! This means that you can dedicate a couple of hours into creating series of emails that every potential client that gives you their email address can go into. It means you’re basically marketing to them without actually doing anything! This is something that we have a Beauty Boss Academy Success Kit all about, coming up in the next couple of months. Have you joined the Beauty Boss Academy yet? 🤩

With a little bit of tweaking to your schedule, you can start RGAs and begin living the life that you DREAMT of when you opened your beauty business!


Did you check out Layla’s training over in The Beauty Boss Community, all about this? You can still catch it here.

Until next time, keep bossing it!

Team Beauty Boss x

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