Turn Surviving into THRIVING!

Every single day we each get 86,400 seconds and what we decide to use those seconds for literally determines our entire lives.

So how do we use our time to become really productive, without just becoming busy fools, without procrastinating and without drifting aimlessly?

What does it take to become productive and successful? Here are Laylas top 2 tips when it comes to bossing it:


When we have big dreams and are striving to build really successful businesses, it’s essential that we’re really strategic and intentional about how we’re spending our time.

The problem a lot of people face is that they don’t understand how to actually manage their schedules in a way that is effective.

How do we avoid cramming so much in that we feel totally overwhelmed?
How do we know what we should be prioritising?


The biggest reason people don’t make the most of their time is because they don’t have total clarity around what they’re actually trying to achieve and what it is they need to do.

As Bill Gates once said…

”Time is our most precious commodity. Money can’t buy any more of it”.

We all have the same amount of time, so the clearer you get on what you want to make happen with your time, the more likely it is that you’re going to become super productive.


If you’re stuck in a place where you know you want to create more success, but you’re just lacking clarity, I want to share this tip with you from Layla Tourh, founder of Beauty Boss, and multiple professional beauty brands.

Layla said that she used her manifesting skills to figure out how to get clarity around what she was going to make happen in her life. She wrote in her 2013 planner that she was going to create a product, sell it to thousands of beauty pros across the UK, and it was going to be something that helped clients feel good about themselves.

And whilst she didn’t know the exact steps to getting there, she trusted that somehow she would get there. Two years later the idea arrived and Exposed Spray Tan was born. Since then Exposed has grown into a strong brand and is loved by both salons and consumers around the world.

If you’re in a phase right now where you feel like your focus and thoughts are all over the place:

1.Open yourself up to finding clarity.
2.Don’t be scared to ask professionals in your field for help, we have our dedicated support group HERE
3.Write down what it is that you want to achieve – have you got the Beauty Boss Success Planner? You can download it HERE.
4.You don’t have to have the exact idea yet, you just have to have clarity around what it is that you want to make happen in your life and the direction you want to be heading in.

Beauty Boss Layla says ”A lot can happen when you open yourself up to finding that clarity,

and once you do, your life will start moving in that direction and you will be able to make so much more of your time”.

During this challenging time, we don’t want you to just ‘survive’, we want you to THRIVE! We got you!

Keep bossing it!

Team Beauty Boss x

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