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Can I just start this post by saying; that becoming a BEAUTY BOSS is one of the most rewarding choices a woman can make?! For the many of you reading this that know me and my story, you will know that I started my career, as a salon owner and worked my ASS off, just like many of you are doing right now! Would I open a salon again, yeah sure, (if I could be cloned!) but if I were to, I would do some things differently. Or at least wish I’d known some vital things before I signed on the dotted line of my salon…

Introducing ‘Beauty Boss’! ????

You only need to open Instagram these days to read the sea of positive quotes, that after a while, all merge into one which are great, but what I think you guys REALLY need to know is some TRUTHS about what you should know before becoming a true BEAUTY BOSS!

???? There is NO clocking off! I remember this feeling well, when I worked in my salon all the hours god sent, and that was BEFORE social media was born! I shudder at the thought of what time I would actually get to bed now if I still had my salon, I bet lots of you reading this are nodding right now! ????

???? Working in bed, in the bath, from the airport when waiting to take your family holiday, in the cinema, in the car, in the school playground if you (very rarely) get to the school gates early!????

???? You may aswell change your name to Joe Goldberg! Not because you’re a stalker (or at least I hope you’re not!) but because you will basically become OBSESSED with your business! Obsessed with your salon, obsessed with how your cushions sit on the sofas, obsessed with your salon cups, obssessed with your lash and nail brands (that one is okay!)???? Obsession isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least obsessed people get things DONE. But next time, I would want to be shown how to work SMARTER in my salon, not harder.

???? Just because you are the proud BEAUTY BOSS of your own beauty salon, don’t think everyone cares – they really don’t! One memory that sticks in my mind, was when I acquired the contract as the South West Distributor and Educator for nail brand CND in 2009, and I opened my doors (second premises/ training school) expecting a stompede of nail techs to attend my open day… nope! Not everybody cares like you do! In fact, not everyone will even like your business, take it from somebody who knows… and that’s FINE! Screw them! ????????‍♀️

???? To build a successful beauty business takes money and TIME. Okay, there are only so many hours in a day, and you are expected to run the business, and BE the business, where are we expected to find all this time from… back to my first point!????

I could sit and type this out all night, as I am so passionate about the beauty industry, it’s all I know… but what I also know is how I can help you guys run your business, SMARTER than I did, and free you from all the ‘must get that done’ jobs, and leave you to do what you do best ????????

Over the years so many of you at some point have asked for marketing support, so that is EXACTLY what we’ve been working on…


Layla x

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