What Have BBHQ Been Up To Through Lockdown?

So, we finally got the news last night that close contact services can resume from Saturday 15th August, which means that ALL Beauty Bosses will be going back to work! This has been such a tough time for everyone, but specifically the beauty industry, and now we can finally get a sense of normality back! Throughout lockdown, all of us here at BBHQ have done everything we can to try and support everyone in the Beauty Boss Community, and help you improve your beauty business, while you can’t actually be in it. Here’s a little recap of what we have been up to….



Right at the beginning of lockdown, we launched Beauty Boss HQ with our ‘Take Action in April’ challenge. We kicked things off with a LIVE Pilates class with Body Boss Sofie Rosengren and then went on to tackle all aspects of your beauty business, and how to ‘take action’ to improve it! You can still find the LIVEs from this training here.

In April, we also released ‘The Secrets of a Beauty Boss’ E-Book… so many of you loved it and we loved seeing your progress through it! You can still download this E-Book here.




Because you all loved our ‘Take Action in April’, we launched our ‘Mindset Mastermind’ workshop, all about programming your mindset for success! This was a 5 day training event, and the topics were: Let’s Talk About How Strong You are, Kicking Imposter Syndrome Out The Door, Habits That Make The Bank, Hot Seat Coaching With Layla and a Q&A with Layla! Mindset really is the most important change to make on your path to success! If you didn’t watch this training, you can still find them here.




Our June training was ‘Sell Like a Boss’ where Layla discussed several different techniques of selling like a boss, and increasing your profit margin! The most popular day was How To Sell Through Instagram Stories! Layla went through different stickers you can use, topics you can used to engage with clients and we even provided a SLAB worksheet! So many beauty bosses took this advice and ended up making money from it…. this is what we love to see! We also wrote a blog post all about how to look your best on IG stories! Check it out here.

In June, we also launched our Beauty Boss Community Facebook group! It has been so lovely seeing more and more of you joining a group filled with like-minded beauty bosses, ready to support you! Not joined yet? Join here!




July’s workshop was delivered with the idea that lockdown would be easing soon and everyone would be able to go back into their salons. It was ‘Pricing for Profit’, and Layla talked about the mental barriers beauty pros might have stopping them from charging what they are actually worth, as well as a formula for pricing your services properly! You can still find all of this training here.

Throughout July, it was quite disheartening to see the government not taking this industry seriously, but it was amazing to see beauty bosses come together! And we have loved seeing how much progress you have all made through this time!



And so far this month, we have delivered a workshop all about upping your P-Game… talking all about how to PLAN, PIVOT and stay POSITIVE about your beauty business! These have been very uncertain times, and if it’s taught us anything, it’s that YOU have to be the one looking out for your beauty business! You can catch this training here, or check out the blog post all about it as well. We have also been working SUPER hard on our new Beauty Boss Academy Membership! Stay tuned for more about that!

We are so excited to see you all go back to work and implement all the training that you’ve done through lockdown! Don’t forget to let us know in the BBC how your first day back goes! 💕

Until next time, keep bossing it!


Team BB x

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