Writing the Perfect Email Subject Line

Ever spent hours hand-crafting an incredibly interesting and informative email only to have an open rate of less than 5%? We’ve all been there! Here’s our guide to writing the perfect email subject line to ensure this never happens again.

The first step to writing a captivating subject line is understanding WHY the reader would be opening the email. It could be…

✨They’re expecting your email (e.g. you’re responding to an inquiry they put in)

✨They trust and enjoy emails from you. Over time, you build up your reputation as a sender. You can build up trust with your readers by sending high-quality, interesting and consistent content that your readers will love.

✨Your subject line promises them something they want. This could be a discount code, a ‘back in stock’ notification, or even just knowledge! For example: ‘How cool is this gel builder technique????’

✨Your subject line makes them so curious they have to click. The most important part of creating a curiosity-inducing subject line is to not give too much away. It can be as simple as ‘Bet you’ve never seen lip filler like this before! ????’

Our top tips to creating an eye-catching subject line are:

???? Ask a question! Asking a question will always get readers answering it in their head, and therefore looking at the email for the answer.

???? Use a number in your subject line! Such as ‘3 Top Tips to Maintaining Your Spray Tan’, readers respond to best to subjects that have numbers in as they associate it with statistics!

????Use ‘unusual’ language! You don’t need to re-invent the English language, just use words that are less common! For example instead of ‘5 Easy Nail Art Trends’, try ‘5 piece-of-cake nail are trends! It is language the reader won’t see as often and therefore is more likely to engage with.

???? Pop an emoji in there! An emoji in a subject line is FAR more engaging as it appears to be more fun and less formal.

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